A location within DiRT Rally, with stages over two routes, near the villages of Gimno and Platani in Argolis, Greece.

The surface for all stages is gravel, of varying levels.

Stages[edit | edit source]

Overview[edit | edit source]

Anodou Farmakas[edit | edit source]

Direction Long Sprint 1 Sprint 2
Forwards Anodou Farmakas Koryfi Dafni Pomona Érixi
Reverse Kathodo Leontiou Fourkéta Kourva Ampelonas Ormi

Characterised by switchback hairpins and cliff-edge jumps (uphill in Koryfi Dafni, downhill in Fourkéta Kourva).

Perasma Platani[edit | edit source]

Direction Long Sprint 1 Sprint 2
Forwards Perasma Platani Ourea Spevsi Abies Koilàda
Reverse Tsiristra Théa Ypsona tou Dasos Pedines Epidaxi

Characterised by narrow roads. For most of the course, the road is cut into a steep hillside.

Stage-by-stage[edit | edit source]

Stage Length Altitude Difference Title card Route
Anodou Farmakas 9,600m +450m
Anodou farmakas cropped.jpg
Anodou farmakas route.jpg
Pomona Érixi 5,090m +215m
Pomona ekrixi cropped.jpg
Pomona ekrixi route.jpg
Koryfi Dafni 4,500m +235m
Koryfi dafni cropped.jpg
Koryfi dafni route.jpg
Kathodo Leontiou 9,600m -450m
Kathodo leontiou cropped.jpg
Kathodo leontiou route.jpg
Fourkéta Kourva 4,500m -235m
Fourketa kourva cropped.jpg
Fourketa kourva route.jpg
Ampelonas Ormi 4,800m -190m
Ampelonas ormi cropped.jpg
Ampelonas ormi route.jpg
Perasma Platani 10,690m -406m
Perasma platani cropped.jpg
Perasma platani route.jpg
Ourea Spevsi 5,740m +64m
Ourea spevsi cropped.jpg
Ourea spevsi route.jpg
Abies Koilàda 7,090m -510m
Abies koilada cropped.jpg
Abies koilada route.jpg
Tsiristra Théa 10,360m +430m
Tsiristra thea cropped.jpg
Tsiristra thea route.jpg
Pedines Epidaxi 6,590m +510m
Pedines epidaxi cropped.jpg
Pedines epidaxi route.jpg
Ypsona tou Dasos 5,380m -40m
Ypsona tou dasos cropped.jpg
Ypsona tou dasos route.jpg

Maps[edit | edit source]

Uses large parts of the Ghymno stage (SS 4+8), with a few alterations.

Real-life videos[edit | edit source]

Onboard[edit | edit source]

  • Rally Acropolis 2012, Ford Escort MK2 - covers almost all of Perasma Platani from 6:06 to 15:38, ending by going straight-on at a junction where the Perasma Platani stage turns left. This route also covers parts of Koryfi Dafni, but with substantial alterations. Joins at 1:58 and travels through the hairpins starting at 2:41, but then deviating from the in-game route at 3:47 (turning a hairpin, rather than continuing) avoiding the cliff-edge jumps. It the covers more of this stage in the reverse direction, following from the start of Fourkéta Kourva from 5:10 to around 5:58 (going straight-on, rather than turning hairpin right towards the cliff-edge jumps).
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