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A location within DiRT Rally, with stages over two routes, near the villages of Gimno and Platani in Argolis, Greece.

The surface for all stages is gravel, of varying levels.



Anodou Farmakas[]

Direction Long Sprint 1 Sprint 2
Forwards Anodou Farmakas Koryfi Dafni Pomona Érixi
Reverse Kathodo Leontiou Fourkéta Kourva Ampelonas Ormi

Characterised by switchback hairpins and cliff-edge jumps (uphill in Koryfi Dafni, downhill in Fourkéta Kourva).

Perasma Platani[]

Direction Long Sprint 1 Sprint 2
Forwards Perasma Platani Ourea Spevsi Abies Koilàda
Reverse Tsiristra Théa Ypsona tou Dasos Pedines Epidaxi

Characterised by narrow roads. For most of the course, the road is cut into a steep hillside.


Stage Length Altitude Difference Title card Route
Anodou Farmakas 9,600m +450m
Anodou farmakas cropped
Anodou farmakas route
Pomona Érixi 5,090m +215m
Pomona ekrixi cropped
Pomona ekrixi route
Koryfi Dafni 4,500m +235m
Koryfi dafni cropped
Koryfi dafni route
Kathodo Leontiou 9,600m -450m
Kathodo leontiou cropped
Kathodo leontiou route
Fourkéta Kourva 4,500m -235m
Fourketa kourva cropped
Fourketa kourva route
Ampelonas Ormi 4,800m -190m
Ampelonas ormi cropped
Ampelonas ormi route
Perasma Platani 10,690m -406m
Perasma platani cropped
Perasma platani route
Ourea Spevsi 5,740m +64m
Ourea spevsi cropped
Ourea spevsi route
Abies Koilàda 7,090m -510m
Abies koilada cropped
Abies koilada route
Tsiristra Théa 10,360m +430m
Tsiristra thea cropped
Tsiristra thea route
Pedines Epidaxi 6,590m +510m
Pedines epidaxi cropped
Pedines epidaxi route
Ypsona tou Dasos 5,380m -40m
Ypsona tou dasos cropped
Ypsona tou dasos route


Uses large parts of the Ghymno stage (SS 4+8), with a few alterations.

Real-life videos[]


  • Rally Acropolis 2012, Ford Escort MK2 - covers almost all of Perasma Platani from 6:06 to 15:38, ending by going straight-on at a junction where the Perasma Platani stage turns left. This route also covers parts of Koryfi Dafni, but with substantial alterations. Joins at 1:58 and travels through the hairpins starting at 2:41, but then deviating from the in-game route at 3:47 (turning a hairpin, rather than continuing) avoiding the cliff-edge jumps. It the covers more of this stage in the reverse direction, following from the start of Fourkéta Kourva from 5:10 to around 5:58 (going straight-on, rather than turning hairpin right towards the cliff-edge jumps).