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The Audi AI:TRAIL concept car was presented at the IAA 2019, and is described as a "four wheeled walk in the forest".

The AI:TRAIL extensively uses glass in its construction, to produce a helicopter cabin effect that affords passengers a panoramic view of the surrounding environment. The traditional Audi "quattro" system is provided by four electric motors, which when combined with its low-slung battery pack results in an impressive centre-of-gravity and off-road ability. The vehicle's bodywork carries five drones, which act as external cameras and lighting.

The car's interior is an exercise in utility and sustainability; the rear hanging seats are removable, and can be bought along by the passenger on their travels, while surfaces such as armrests are coated with antibacterial, dirt-repellent material. Natural products such as wood, wool and felt are used, including recycled leather as the vehicle's carpeting.[1]

DIRT 5[]

The Audi AI:TRAIL quattro is a Pre-Runner in DIRT 5.