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After beginning his competitive career in autocross and Clubmans rallycross, Michael Boak graduated to the British Rallycross Championship in 2004, with the Tyneside driver entering the Super Modified category in his self-built Audi TT. The car used a tubular spaceframe chassis, and was equipped with a turbocharged 1.8-litre engine driving the front wheels.

Over the following seasons, the TT took Boak to multiple podiums and even saw him qualify for the multi-class Superfinals, competing against Supercar machinery. While his 2005 campaign was marred by a major crash at Lydden Hill, 2006 saw Boak take the TT to second place in the Super Modified standings, behind Dave Bellerby and his dominant Lotus Exige.[1]

Colin McRae: DiRT[]

“It might look like a normal Audi TT, but underneath the plastic body is a custom-made frame and a super-modified turbo engine. It's got front wheel drive, so it may struggle a little in the corners with gravel, and against the bigger boys in its class.”
Travis Pastrana

The Audi TT is a Rallycross Modified car in Colin McRae DiRT.


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