A location within DiRT Rally, with stages over two routes near the town of Baumholder, Germany.

Both routes make use of the military training grounds, and include many of the infamous Hinkelsteins - stones originally intended to ensure tanks stay on the roads serve a very similar purpose for rally cars.

Stages[edit | edit source]

Overview[edit | edit source]

Oberstein[edit | edit source]

Direction Long Sprint 1 Sprint 2
Forwards Oberstein Waldaufstieg Kreuzungsring
Reverse Frauenberg Waldabstieg Kreuzungsring Reverse

Winds up a steep, switchback road out of the forest, into the open military training grounds. Right at the mid-point, has a pair of hay-bale chicanes, then ending with long, fast straights around the conspicuous hot-air balloon, and the famous "Gina" jump.

Hammerstein[edit | edit source]

Direction Long Sprint 1 Sprint 2
Forwards Hammerstein Verbundsring Flugzeugring
Reverse Ruschberg Verbundsring Reverse Flugzeugring Reverse

Starts with repeated tight corners joined by short straights, reaching a long, crowd lined section at the mid-point. Straights become longer, then a series of very tight corners in quick succession around the fighter plane giving the second half of the stage its name. Then even longer straights joining sharp corners towards the end of the stage.

Stage-by-stage[edit | edit source]

Stage Length Altitude Difference Title card Route
Oberstein 11,670m +97m
Oberstein cropped.jpg
Oberstein route.jpg
Waldaufstieg 5,390m +46m
Waldaufstieg cropped.jpg
Waldaufstieg route.jpg
Kreuzungsring 6,310m +49m
Kreuzungsring cropped.jpg
Kreuzungsring route.jpg
Frauenberg 11,670m -97m
Frauenberg cropped.jpg
Frauenberg route.jpg
Kreuzungsring Reverse 5,680m -47m
Kreuzungsring reverse cropped.jpg
Kreuzungsring reverse route.jpg
Waldabstieg 6,010m -46m
Waldabstieg cropped.jpg
Waldabstieg route.jpg
Hammerstein 10,810m +0m
Hammerstein cropped.jpg
Hammerstein route.jpg
Verbundsring 5,850m +10m
Verbundsring cropped.jpg
Verbundsring route.jpg
Flugzeugring 4,940m -10m
Flugzeugring cropped.jpg
Flugzeugring route.jpg
Ruschberg 10,700m -3m
Ruschberg cropped.jpg
Ruschberg route.jpg
Flugzeugring Reverse 5,130m +2m
Flugzeugring reverse cropped.jpg
Flugzeugring reverse route.jpg
Verbundsring Reverse 5,560m -5m
Verbundsring reverse cropped.jpg
Verbundsring reverse route.jpg

Maps[edit | edit source]

Oberstein uses a part in the middle of Panzerplatte Long (SS13+16 in 2015). Hammerstein uses roads in the area around the end of that stage.

Real-life videos[edit | edit source]

Onboard[edit | edit source]

  • Sébastien Ogier, Rally Germany 2013 - covering the Oberstein stage from 7:20 to 13:45, with the "left 5, don't cut, be brave" at 9:25, and clearing the jump at Gina at 13:06. The hay bale chicanes and hairpin-around-bales have both been removed.

Jumps[edit | edit source]

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