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Christian stevenson

Christian Stevenson is a character in Colin McRae DiRT 2, DiRT 3 and DiRT Showdown.

Behind the scenes[]

Christian has compiled all the soundtracks in the recent DiRT games. He is also a DJ for Kerrang and has presented numerous extreme-sports TV shows.


Colin McRae DiRT 2[]

Christian is the announcer, commentator, and he can be heard DJ-ing in the background during menus. He also informs the player of new rewards and prizes.

DiRT 3[]

Christian is your in-game PR manager.

DiRT Showdown[]

In Showdown, he plays the events commentator.


Colin McRae DiRT 2[]

  • "Awesome man! You just won the X-Games America!" - when the player wins X-Games America
  • "The race is gone! Elvis has left the building." - when the player wins a race
  • "I hope they close the roads for the next race - wait, I think that was my job... uh, forget I said that." - Christian realizes he's made a pretty big mistake; too late to fix that, he's DJing!
  • "Like trying to hug a shark." - describing extreme sports; this fortunately isn't one of them
  • "I've noticed most humans like loud noise and big explosions. Just wait until the sun explodes!"
  • "I've got a bunch of liveries for you!" - when new liveries are unlocked
  • "Ken Block's number is 43. That's one more than the answer to life, the universe and everything!" - making a smart reference to The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy
  • "The point of Raid is to burn the villages and steal as much loot as you can! Oh, wait, that's a Viking raid..."
  • "Some of these stunts these drivers do, I would definitely do at home. But then, I'm an idiot."

DiRT 3[]

  • "I'll turn you into an international superstar in no time!" - when the player starts the DiRT Tour
  • "What did I tell ya? Keep racing like that and you'll be a household name!" - when the player wins their first race
  • "Fancy a donut?" - introducing the Donut Tutorial in Gymkhana Academy
  • "Ah, drifting. That's how you get the crowd going. Show 'em how it's done Ken." - Stevenson introduces the Drift Tutorial in Gymkhana Academy
  • "Ellie'll be stoked you're practising so hard." - when the player ends a Battersea freeride in DiRT 3
  • "Upload that footage to YouTube. It rocks!" - Stevenson prompts the player to utilise the video-uploading feature in DiRT 3

DiRT Showdown[]

  • "Hey, (callname), how's it goin'?" - when the player begins the game
  • "And they did it! They won!" - When the first vehicle crosses the finish line
  • "DOMINATED!!!" - when a driver Dominates a section of the track in a Domination event
  • "Aww, and they almost had it!" - When a lead car spins out just before the finish
  • "I bet they feel good about that overtake" - When passing a racer vehicle
  • "There's a new leader out there setting the pace" - When overtaking 1st place in a race
  • "Sweet Overtake" - When Passing a racer vehicle
  • "They're Moving up the Ranks" - When Passing a racer Vehicle
  • "Someone call the police - this is illegal it's so rad!" - after a particularly nasty crash
  • "It's like the two cars are kissing... aww." - when two cars have a head-on collision
  • "It's like two cars crashing into each other... oh wait... they are" - head-on collision
  • "Reminds me of two cars running into a brick wall" - head-on collision
  • "Release the hounds!" - at the start of a Hard Target event
  • "Spin to win" - when a car spins out
  • "The spin-to-win tactic only works in snowboarding..." - when a car spins out
  • "Spinning round... like a reccord... baby" - when a car spins out
  • "I guess they think driving straight is boring" - when a car looses control
  • "I can't wait for this one - crossovers, chaos and carnage. Let's hit the road!" - at the start of an 8 Ball race
  • "Rubbing is racing - and that's gonna leave a mark." - after a side-swipe
  • "Oh, and the lead car has been dissed and dismissed!" - when the leading vehicle in a Demolition event is wrecked
  • "Gimme an O! Gimme a U! Gimme a T... tea? Yeah, I fancy a cuppa! Oh yeah, dude's out..." - after a vehicle has been knocked out of the ring in a Knock Out event
  • "They're like a magician. Chazzam! They're back in!" - when a vehicle reenters the ring in a Knock Out event
  • "Ram, bam, slam, thankya ma'am!" after a crash
  • "T-Bone-a-licious!" - after a t-bone hit
  • "Shunt!" - after a shunt hit
  • "Can't do THAT in a hybrid!" - after a driver drifts in a Hoonigan event
  • "Boom! Head Shot!" - when the player performs a Head Shot move in a Demolition event.
  • "Uh-oh! Someone ragequit!" - after a player exits an online lobby.
  • "Common! Do something already!" - when a player makes no contact in a rampage for a certain time
  • "One, two, three, four, who wants a car war? Yeah!"

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