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Built as a successor to the Citroën Xsara WRC, the Citroën C4 WRC was revealed on 2006 Paris Motor Show as Citroën's machine for the 2007 World Rally Championship season. Based on the Citroën C4 Sport Concept, the construction of the C4 WRC was carried out by Citroen Sport's engineers at Versailles Satory. Although most of the styling on the concept were retained, however it had undergone necessary modifications to meet the satisfaction of international regulations and performance requirements. The glass roof from the C4 Concept were replaced as it is banned from rally racing, and its bodywork was tested in a wind tunnel on a 1/4 scale model before being made into a full size version for cost efficiency. Like the Xsara WRC, it features a 2-litre turbocharged engine mated to a cross-mounted 6-speed gearbox. At 4.20 m, the C4 WRC is longer than the Xsara and, in line with regulations, therefore has a larger width of 1,800 mm, compared with 1,700 mm for the Xsara.

Since its debut, the C4 WRC is proven to be one of the most successful rally car to date. Nine-times WRC champion, Sébastien Loeb won four of his driver championships with it from 2007 to 2010. It also won Citroën the manufacturer's title from 2008 to 2010. The C4 achieved a 100% winning record on asphalt, winning all 13 pure tarmac rallies in the WRC from the start of 2007 to the end of 2010[1].

The C4 was succeeded by the DS3 World Rally Car for 2011[2].

DiRT 3[]

“A dominant force in rallying since its beginning, the Citroën C4 World Rally Car is at home on any surface. With its quick and nimble chassis, this is one of the finest rally cars of the modern era.”
— Car Viewer description

The Citroën C4 WRC is a Pro-class Rally car in DiRT 3.


  • Citroën Total World Rally Team
  • Citroën Junior Team


  • Sébastian Ogier
  • Roland Holzer
  • Jonas Andromeda (Only appears in the PC version)
  • Sébastien Loeb (Before the previous update)
  • Pierre Laurent
  • Jason Porter
  • Ruben Martinez

DiRT Rally[]

The Citroën C4 Rally 2010 is a 2000s Rally car featured in DiRT Rally, added to the game with the Modern Masters Update.


  • Red
  • White

DiRT Rally 2.0[]

“The Citroën C4 Rally was raced by Citroën from 2007 to 2010. It achieved overwhelming success at the hands of Sebastien Loeb and Daniel Elena. This is one of the most successful cars in rally history, and excels on all surfaces.”
— In-game info, DiRT Rally 2.0

The Citroën C4 Rally is an Up to 2000cc 4WD rally car in DiRT Rally 2.0, added to the game as a part of Season 1 DLC.


  • Petter Solberg Rally Team