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This article documents unreleased information or content. It may contain speculation or errors.

The HUMMER® DiRTTM Experience is an unreleased demo version of Colin McRae: DiRT for the PlayStation 3 console; it is unknown if it was developed for other platforms.[1]


The demo includes a single, 2-lap, 5-car Rally-Raid race on the USA - San Ysidro Mountains course. Both the player and computer opponents use the Hummer Rod Hall H3 Anniversary Edition, a vehicle unique to this unreleased version of Colin McRae: DiRT. In-game text refers to an unnannounced competition, indicating that users are able to "Compete for a chance to ride alongside racing legend Rod Hall and Team HUMMMER", and that player's scores from the demo would have to be uploaded to the HUMMER website in order to win related prizes.[2]



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