Although the player cannot directly be a famous celebrity driver in Colin McRae DiRT 2, there are a number of drivers that can be raced against.

Major drivers[edit | edit source]

Ken Block[edit | edit source]

American YouTube star, founder of DC Shoes, Rally America and WRC driver. Currently campaigning the Global Rallycross Championship. His specialities are Rally and Rallycross.

Cars[edit | edit source]

Travis Pastrana[edit | edit source]

American motocross freestyle rider and rally driver who competed the X Games. The brains behind Nitro Circus. His specialist events are Rally and Raid.

Cars[edit | edit source]

Tanner Foust[edit | edit source]

American Formula Drifter, stunt driver and rallycross driver. Has also competed in Rally America and is host of numerous car shows, notably TopGear USA. His specialities are Rallycross and Rally.

Cars[edit | edit source]

Dave Mirra[edit | edit source]

American BMX freestyle rider who competed the X Games and Rally America. His specialist events are Rallycross and Landrush.

Cars[edit | edit source]

Mohammed Ben Sulayem[edit | edit source]

Vice President for Sport of the FIA and the most successful racing driver in history, winning 14 championships and a total of 61 rally wins. Owner of Ben Sulayem Performance tuning shop. His specialities are Trailblazer and Rally.

Cars[edit | edit source]

Katie Justice[edit | edit source]

Fictional American driver. Her specialist events are Raid and Landrush.

Cars[edit | edit source]

Jayde Taylor[edit | edit source]

Fictional American driver. Her specialities are Rally and Trailblazer.

Cars[edit | edit source]

Jonas Andromeda[edit | edit source]

American motorsport driver and senior police officer. His specialities are Rally and Raid.

Cars[edit | edit source]

Minor drivers[edit | edit source]

The list of minor fictional drivers in game.

  • Dale Powell (USA)
  • Jack Jones (USA)
  • Jeff Irvine (USA)
  • Connor Ryan (Ireland)
  • John Harrison (England)
  • Pierre Bernard (France)
  • Tom Dent (England)
  • Didier Laurent (France)
  • Lau Chi Ming (Hong Kong)
  • Kim Woon Jae (Korea)
  • Kenneth Lim (Malaysia)
  • Heikki Hentula (Finland)
  • Dougie Aitken (Scotland)
  • Craig McDonald (Scotland)
  • Fraser Stewart (Scotland)
  • Lewis Stewart (Ireland)
  • Vitali Ivanov (Russia)
  • Kent Kaufman (USA)
  • Kyle Davis (USA)
  • Mark Vogel (USA)
  • Chuck Zolman (USA)
  • Szymon Jankowski (Poland)
  • Brad Markowski (Canada)
  • Cliff Adams (Canada)
  • Julio Silva (Brazil)
  • Philippe Schoeller (Switzerland)
  • Felipe Corozo (Venezuela)
  • Miguel Fernandez (Argentina)
  • Rudolf Schneider (Germany)
  • Will King (England)
  • Miroslav Varga (Slovakia)
  • Lars Axelsson (Sweden)
  • George Foley (Ireland)
  • Dominic Fazio (USA)
  • Didier Geonosis (France)
  • Roger Amero (USA)
  • Hank Renner (USA)
  • Johnny Russo (USA)
  • Marco Trillo (USA)
  • Bertrand Dumont (Belgium)
  • Markus Kristiansen (Norway)

In total, there are at least 41 minor drivers that can be encountered in DiRT 2.

(Note - Johnny Russo, Roger Amero, Kyle Davis, Ken Kaufman and Jeff Irvine are all featured in the previous DiRT game, albeit Amero was classed as an Argentinian and Kaufman's surname had an extra 'n' at the end.)

Legendary drivers[edit | edit source]

These are the 'legendary' drivers seen only in the Colin McRae Challenge event.

Deleted drivers[edit | edit source]

Chief Game Designer Paul Coleman has confirmed that these drivers were cut in development. But the deleted drivers are only mentioned in the internal database files.

Standard drivers[edit | edit source]

  • Colin McRae (Scotland)
  • Marcus Grönholm (Finland)
  • Liam Doran (England)
  • Lawrence Gibson (Great Britain)
  • Brian Ickler (USA)
  • Robby Gordon (USA)
  • Wally Dallenbach, Jr. (USA)
  • Troy Herbst (USA)
  • Rifat Sungkar (Indonesia)
  • Karamjit Singh (Malaysia)
  • Muhammad Rafiq Udhaya (Malaysia)

Legend drivers[edit | edit source]

These deleted legends are supposed to be featured in the Colin McRae Challenge event, but was replaced by existing legends in game.

  • Tommi Makinen (Finland)
  • Ayrton Senna (Brazil)
  • Nigel Mansell (Great Britain)
  • Markku Alen (Finland)
  • Stig Blomqvist (Sweden)
  • Bjorn Waldegard (Sweden)
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