Colin McRae Rally and DiRT Wiki

Colin McRae Rally is the first game of Colin McRae Rally series was released for the PC and PlayStation 1 in January 1998, published and developed by Codemasters. This game features real cars and real-world drivers from the 1998 World Rally Championship.

(This game is abandonware, you can download this and other Colin Mcrae Rally games here.)


In Novice mode there are only 3 stages per rally, each followed by a Service Area, making easier to adjust the vehicle to the different conditions of each stage and repair the damage. Also the Novice Championship does not include Indonesia neither UK. Service Area adjustments included are: 1. Tyres (Slicks, Dry Grooves, Wet Grooves or Spikes); 2. Suspension (Soft, Medium or Stiff); Brakes (Rear Bias, Even or Front Bias); 3. Steering (Low, Medium or High sensitivity); 4. Gear-Ratio (Max speed, High speed, Balanced Speed, Good acceleration or Max acceleration). Changing the predefined setup will consume time: Tyres - 3'00", Suspension - 15'00", Brakes - 10'00", Steering - 12'00" and Gear-Ratio - 20'00". The total time available in the Service area for setup and repair is 40'00". The bodywork is repaired automatically.

List of cars

There are four 4WD cars, four FWD cars and six Bonus cars in game.




List of countries

There are 6 stages in each country including super special stages.

  • New Zealand (gravel and mud)
  • Greece (gravel)
  • Monaco (snow and tarmac)
  • Australia (gravel and tarmac)
  • Sweden (snow and ice)
  • Corsica (tarmac)
  • Indonesia (gravel, mud and tarmac)
  • United Kingdom (gravel, snow, mud and tarmac)

List of drivers

There are real-world drivers are included in game.

  • Colin McRae
  • Piero Liatti
  • Richard Burns
  • Kenneth Backlund
  • Juha Kankkunen
  • Bruno Thiry
  • Carlos Sainz
  • Didier Auriol
  • Harri Rovanpera
  • Oriol Gomez
  • Alister McRae
  • Kris Rosenberger
  • Philippe Bugalski
  • Jonas Kruse
  • Christer Steen
  • Rindeby Magnus