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Races in DIRT 5 take place in 10 locations across the world, with a total of 91 tracks (including reverse routes).

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil[]

Main article: Rio de Janeiro, Brazil (DIRT 5)
  • Rio Seafront (and reverse)
  • Sao Conrado (and reverse)
  • The Redeemer (and uphill)
  • Tijuca Forest (and reverse)


Main article: China (DIRT 5)
  • Lijang Village (and reverse)
  • Linjiazha Hills (and reverse)
  • Xiamo Run ( and reverse )
  • Xinsilong Forest (and reverse)
  • Yulong River (and uphill)


Main article: Greece (DIRT 5)
  • Kalabaka Town (and uphill)
  • Kastraki Village (and reverse)
  • Meteora Ruins (and reverse)
  • Pineios Lake (and reverse)
  • Triple Stone Bridge (and reverse)


Main article: Italy (DIRT 5)
  • Colonnata (and reverse)
  • Foci Di Giovo (and reverse)
  • Marmifera Valley (and reverse)
  • Pointi Di Vara (and reverse)
  • Carrara Mine


Main article: Morocco (DIRT 5)
  • Agni (and reverse)
  • Ait Ojana (and reverse)
  • Asif Tinout (and reverse)
  • Tinghir (and reverse)
  • Dades Gorge


Main article: Nepal (DIRT 5)
  • Chola Lake (and reverse)
  • Everest Overlook (and reverse)
  • Gorakshep Run (and reverse)
  • Namche Bazaar (and reverse)


Main article: Norway (DIRT 5)
  • Dreyers Gate (and reverse)
  • Hans Circuit (and reverse)
  • Henningsvær (and reverse)
  • Olaelva Inlet (and reverse)
  • Studalsvaltnet (and reverse)
  • Svolvaer Overlook (and reverse)

Cape Town, South Africa[]

Main article: Cape Town, South Africa (DIRT 5)
  • Cape Town Stadium (and reverse)
  • City Bowl (and reverse)
  • Lion's Head (and reverse)

Arizona, USA[]

Main article: Arizona, USA (DIRT 5)
  • East Mitten (and reverse)
  • West Mitten
  • Merrick Butte (and reverse)
  • Sandstone Valley (and reverse)

Roosevelt Island, New York, USA[]

Main article: Roosevelt Island, New York, USA (DIRT 5)
  • East River (and reverse)
  • East River Sprint (and reverse)
  • Manhattan Park (and reverse)
  • Roosevelt Bridge (and reverse)
  • Roosevelt Island (and reverse)