Colin McRae Rally and DiRT Wiki

Altogether, there are six different game modes in DiRT 3. Rally, Rallycross, Trailblazer, Landrush and Head 2 Head are carried over from Colin McRae: DiRT 2, with Gymkhana being the new mode for DiRT 3.


D3 rally

Point-to-point races against the clock. The driver with the fastest time wins. This is only one of two modes (the other being Head 2 Head) that features a co-driver reading pace notes.


D3 rallycross

Basic circuit-racing mode. Track surfaces can be tarmac, gravel, snow, or a mix of all. Cars boast over 500bhp, and 0-62mph times of 2 seconds flat.


D3 trailblazer

Similar to Rally, but with wider, more open stages. Cars are much more powerful, with up to 900bhp available.


D3 gymkhana

The new mode for DiRT 3. Made famous by Ken Block's YouTube videos, drivers must pull off a variety of tricks for the crowd, such as donuts, drifts, spins, smashing polystyrene blocks, and jumps. It is a judged event, and there is no start/finish line. The driver with the highest number of points wins.


D3 landrush

A bigger, tougher, nastier version of Rallycross. Tracks feature deep water, banked curves and jumps. Drivers race in identical Trucks or Buggies. Be careful, as the Trucks are prone to rolling over when on two wheels.

Head 2 Head[]

D3 head 2 head

Effectively a circuit race for the Rally-class cars. Instead of racing together, complex 'crossover' circuits are used, so drivers cover the same amount of tarmac before crossing the line. Co-drivers feature in these events, reading pace notes.


D3 party


Race around the compound picking up the flags and taking them to the drop zones to score points. You can steal the flag by “nudging” an opponent, so expect a full-contact experience!


The robots are back! Hunt down and destroy the robot invaders as they beam in, and try to avoid causing collateral damage to the civilian buildings.


One racer is randomly infected at the start of each round - avoid them at all costs! Once infected, you score points for infecting other players, but you score more for staying uninfected, so try to stay clean until the end of the round if you can!

Cat 'n' Mouse[]

This team-only discipline takes place on standard rally and rallycross tracks. Each team must race to get their slower “mouse” car over the line first. Cats should do whatever it takes to help out their own team's mouse while making life difficult for their opponents' mouse!