There are three different modes in DiRT Rally, which are Rally, Rallycross and Hillclimb.

Rally[edit | edit source]

Point-to-point races on stages ranges from 5km to 10km, the driver who set the fastest time wins. Each driver has a certain time limit to finish a stage (15 minutes for a sprint stage and 30 minutes for a long stage). Unlike DiRT 3, it doesn't feature staggered starts. Repairs between the stages have also returned.

Rallycross[edit | edit source]

Circuit racing on tight, mixed surface tracks. Top 12 drivers with the best score from 4 qualifying heats will proceed to 2 semi-final races, and the top three from both semi-finals will proceed to the final. Every driver must take the Joker Lap (an alternate route which adds about 2 seconds of lap time) once every race, failure to comply will lead to time penalty.

Hillclimb[edit | edit source]

Each driver has 2 attempt to set the best time on Pikes Peak stages, the driver with the fastest time after 2 runs wins.

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