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Based upon M-Sport's WRC Fiesta, the HFHV (Hybrid Function Hoon Vehicle) is designed to be able to compete across the three distinct stage rally, rallycross, and gymkhana disciplines through setup and modification alone. It is powered by a 2.0-litre Ford Ecoboost motor (built by Pipo Moteurs), capable of outputting 600bhp and 660lb ft. In its gymkhana setup, it wears 18-inch Fifteen52 Tarmac wheels with Pirelli Trofeo tyres[1][2].

Block drove the HFHV in both Gymkhana Four; The Hollywood Megamercial[3] and Gymkhana Five; Ultimate Urban Playground; San Francisco[4].

DiRT Showdown[]

The Ford Fiesta HFHV is a Hoonigan car in DiRT Showdown. It is driven in-game by Ken Block.


  • Ken Block Gymkhana 5
  • Ken Block Gymkhana 4
  • Ogio
  • FreestyleXtreme
  • DC Shoes
  • Hans
  • RaceNet Signup (Unlocked by signing up for RaceNet and winning a Showdown Tour event)