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Based on the 5-door version of the Mk7 Fiesta, the Ford Fiesta OMSE Hillclimb Special was debuted by Marcus Grönholm at the 2009 Pikes Peak International Hillclimb. Constructed by Swedish outfit Olsbergs MSE, it was an evolution of the team's hallmark Fiesta Rallycross Supercar, with a modified version of the 2-litre rallycross engine capable of more than 800bhp.

Grönholm was joined at Pikes Peak by team boss Andreas Eriksson, in a similarly prepared 3-door Fiesta; while Eriksson slid off of the road in the main event, Grönholm finished his run in 2nd place with a time of 11:28:963, despite engine mapping problems restricting the car's performance at high altitude.

Two weeks following its Pikes Peak outing, Grönholm's car (chassis #008) had its hillclimb aerodynamics removed and was fitted with gravel brakes and wheels for Tanner Foust to drive it at X Games XV. In 2010, #008 was converted to road-legal rally car specification for Ken Block, before being rebuilt again in 2011 for Grönholm and Eriksson to campaign in the inaugural Global Rallycross Championship. It has since been returned to period-correct hillclimb specification.[1][2]

DiRT 3[]

“In 2009, Marcus Grönholm drove this modified Fiesta Pikes Peak version attempting to break the 10 minute barrier. Prepared by Olsbergs, this Fiesta has outlandish aerodynamics and massive turbo boost.”
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The Ford Fiesta OMSE Hillclimb Special is a Modern-class Trailblazer car in DiRT 3.


  • Olsbergs
  • Arai Off Road
  • Team Falken Tire
  • Smith Optics Motorsport
  • Monster Energy Racing



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