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Ken Block campaigned the 2010 Rally America season and X Games XVI in the Ford Fiesta Open Class. The car was built by Olsbergs MSE and was based upon their contemporary rallycross supercar platform; previously, the specific chassis (#008) was used to contest Pikes Peak with Marcus Grönholm.

To compete in stage rallying, the Fiesta was made road legal with several modifications, including head and tail lights. Unfortunately, it was struck with a string of bad luck, causing retirements from five of the six rounds entered, the rallycross-specification suspension struggling with undulating rally stages. Block was, however, capable of snatching victory at the 2010 Rally In The 100 Acre Wood; overall, he placed 12th in the championship standings. At X Games, Block finished 10th in Rally Car Racing, but reached 7th in the Super Rally competition (head-to-head racing).[1]

For Block's North American rallying career, it was the successor to his Vermont SportsCar Subaru VT9r, and the precursor to his multi-discipline Fiesta HFHV.

DiRT 3[]

“The Ford Fiesta Open Class is Ken Block's ride in the Rally America championship. Originally designed to be used in rallycross racing, Ken has developed the Fiesta to be more competitive on rally stages.”
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The Ford Fiesta Open Class is an Open-class Rally car in DiRT 3. It is officially driven in-game by Ken Block.


  • Monster Energy Racing
  • Team Falken Tire
  • Smith Optics Motorsport



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