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The Ford Fiesta ST Olsbergs MSE is built by the well known Swedish rallycross team, Olsbergs MSE for their participation in various rallycross events around the world. The Ford Fiesta RX has became pretty successful, its remarkable victory were earned with Tanner Foust at two X Games (2009-2010) and two Global Rallycross Championships (2011-2012).

In 2013, a new version of the Fiesta ST based on the facelifted Mk7 Ford Fiesta was introduced and it is still a formidable rallycross package like its predecessor debuted in 2009. It has won Toomas "Topi" Heikkinen and Joni Wiman their Global Rallycross Championship driver's title in 2013 and 2014 respectively. It also earned OMSE a team championship in 2014 FIA World Rallycross Championship. After Ford Performance shifted their factory backing to Hoonigan Racing Division in 2016 World RX season, it is renamed as OMSE Fiesta ST.

Olsbergs MSE eventually will build a new Mk8 Fiesta-based Ford Fiesta ST OMSE as its successor in 2018. Despite this, the Mk7 remains a popular choice among the privateers in the European rallycross scene.

DiRT 3[]

“The Ford Fiesta T16 4x4 is built and prepared by the Olsbergs MSE team. Winner of the X Games in 2009 and 2010, this formidable package is the chassis of choice for Ken Block and Tanner Foust.”
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The Ford Fiesta Rallycross is a Rallycross car in DiRT 3.


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DiRT Rally[]

The Ford Fiesta Rallycross is a Rallycross Supercar in DiRT Rally, added to the game with World RX Update. It is a well-rounded vehicle thanks to its decent speed and great handling, making it one of the best Supercar in the game.


  • Olsbergs MSE #15 Reinis Nitišs
  • Olsbergs MSE #13 Andreas Bakkerud
  • Namus Olsbergs MSE #42 Timur Timerzyanov
  • World RX Team Austria #7 Manfred Stohl
  • World RX Team Austria #31 Max Pucher
  • Drive For Life #43
  • Drive For Life #44
  • Kicker
  • EBC Brakes

DiRT 4[]

The Ford Fiesta Rallycross is a RX Supercar featured in DiRT 4.


  • Olsbergs MSE #96 Kevin Eriksson
  • Olsbergs MSE #68 Niclas Grönholm
  • World RX Team Austria #7 Timur Timerzyanov
  • World RX Team Austria #6 Jānis Baumanis
  • World RX Team Austria #31 Max Pucher
  • Olsbergs MSE #37 Guy Wilks
  • Järvelä Motorsport

DiRT Rally 2.0[]


“The Ford Fiesta MK7 made a return in 2018, with several independent teams running the facelifted car. The Fiesta MK7 is a rallycross icon, making a number of wildcard appearences across the 2018 season. The car is characterised by its intuitive handling and easily recognisable silhouette, which has been a staple of modern rallycross for several years.”
— In-game info, DiRT Rally 2.0

The Ford Fiesta Rallycross (Mk7) is a RX Supercar featured in DiRT Rally 2.0.


  • JC Raceteknik #90 Thomas Bryntesson
  • PFCRX #111 Derek Tohill
  • STARD #6 Jānis Baumanis
  • STARD #56 Ma Qinghua
  • SET Promotion #15 Reinis Nitišs
  • XITE Racing #42 Oliver Bennett
  • Simpson


“TThe heavily modified Ford Fiesta Rallycross (STARD) returned in 2019 after a successful 2018 season. The car has a proven track record, and is a great platform for privateers. Pal Try competed in the car for the first time in 2019 at the Yas Marina Circuit in Abu Dhabi.”
— In-game info, DiRT Rally 2.0

The Ford Fiesta Rallycross (STARD) is a 2019 RX Supercar featured in DiRT Rally 2.0 as the game's Season DLC.



  • Whilst the Fiesta Rallycross (in DiRT Rally and DiRT 4) is modelled after the OlsbergsMSE-built Ford Fiesta, it uses liveries of World RX Team Austria. The team constructs their own Fiestas based on M-Sport's R5 Fiesta with markedly different bodywork.
  • The same error occurs in DiRT Rally 2.0, as STARD's Fiestas have a bespoke bodywork while Nitiss' Fiesta was previously built by M-Sport for Ken Block.