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After sitting out from a full World Rallycross Championship campaign in 2017, the well-known Swedish rallycross team Olsbergs MSE made their full-time return in 2018 with their new Ford Fiesta ST Olsbergs MSE Supercar, based on the Mk.8 version of the road-going Fiesta ST, built with partial support from Ford Performance. Compared to their older versions of Fiesta Supercar, the Mk.8 version is drastically different technology wise. Like PSRX Volkswagen Sweden's Polo R WRX, the radiator is located at the front of the car. This Fiesta uses an inboard suspension setup, similar to the one found on Olsberg MSE's Honda Civic GRC being raced in the Red Bull Global Rallycross during 2016-2017.

After a less than successful 2018 season, OMSE steps down from competing in full World RX campaign to focus on their customer programme with their cars for 2019 in other rallycross events such as RallyX Nordic, while continue developing the Mk.8 Fiesta Supercar. OMSE made a wildcard appearance in the Swedish round of World RX at Höljes, with the revamped Fiesta now featuring traditional cooling setup (which the radiators are located at the rear of the car), driven by Sebastian Eriksson and Kevin Eriksson. Sebastian Eriksson eventually won the event with his dominance in his semi-final and final against the regular entrants, giving the Mk.8 Fiesta its first event win.

DiRT Rally 2.0[]


“New to the grid in 2018, the Ford Fiesta MK8 was built on the success of the previous Ford Fiesta rallycross car. The new Fiesta was run primarily by Olsbergs MSE team, with drivers Kevin Eriksson and Robin Larsson. The current car comes with bespoke aerodynamic and suspension upgrades, to help give it the edge over its rivals.”
— In-game info, DiRT Rally 2.0

The Ford Fiesta Rallycross Mk8 is an RX Supercar in DiRT Rally 2.0.


“The Ford Fiesta Rallycross (MK8) made a brief one-off appearance in 2019, with Sebastian Eriksson taking his maiden win in Sweden. Based on the 2018 car, a number of changes have been made to the internal layout, including moving the radiators to the rear of the car for better weight distribution.”
— In-game info, DiRT Rally 2.0

The Ford Fiesta Rallycross Mk8 is a 2019 RX Supercar in DiRT Rally 2.0 and a part of the game's Season 4 DLC.