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After a World Rally Championship season without victory, Ford campaigned a new Ford Focus RS WRC based on the Mk2 version of the road-going Focus for their participation in 2006 WRC season. It boasts a Duratec rally engine developed by the French engine specialist, Pipo Moteur.

In the year of its debut, the Focus RS won the WRC opening rally in Monte Carlo driven by Marcus Grönholm. It also won another eleven rallies which earned BP Ford World Rally Team their WRC Manufacturer's championship.

The later revisions of the Focus RS WRC featured various performance enhancements from year to year, nonetheless still successful as it earned many victories including Jari-Matti Latvala's historical win at the 2008 Sweden Rally where he became the youngest-ever driver to win a rally at the time. It was replaced by Ford Fiesta RS WRC after the 2010 WRC season.

DiRT 3[]

“The Ford Focus RS World Rally Car is one of the strongest packages on gravel stages. Solid and dependable, it's one of the definitive rally cars of recent years.”
— Car Viewer description

The Ford Focus RS WRC is a Pro-class Rally car in DiRT 3.


  • Monster World Rally Team
  • BP Ford Abu Dhabi World Rally Team

DiRT Rally[]

The Ford Focus RS Rally 2007 is a 2000s Rally car featured in DiRT Rally, introduced to the game with Modern Masters Update.


  • #39
  • Kick Energy
  • AMD FX
  • Snap-on Racing
  • Cobra
  • Stilo
  • #26
  • #47

DiRT 4[]

The Ford Focus RS Rally 2007 is a 4WD Up to 2000cc rally car in DiRT 4.


  • Castrol Motorsport
  • Braid

DiRT Rally 2.0[]

“The Ford Focus RS Rally was introduced in late 2005, and was an immediate success taking its first win in Monte Carlo in 2006. In 2008 Jari-Matti Latvala became the youngest ever top level rally winner driving this car. This car was largely replaced by the smaller and more nimble Fiesta.”
— In-game info, DiRT Rally 2.0

The Ford Focus RS Rally 2007 is a 4WD Up to 2000cc rally car in DiRT Rally 2.0, and part of the game's Season 1 DLC.


  • Hella
  • O.Z. Racing
  • VP Racing Fuels
  • Black
  • Demon Tweeks (Season 3)



  • The Focus RS WRC is incorrectly depicted with six-speed sequential manual transmission in DiRT Rally.