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Developed by Ford back in 1999 as a replacement to the Ford Escort RS Cosworth, the Ford Focus RS WRC features a front transversely-mounted, Garett turbocharged Ford Zetec E inline-4 engine and a 6 speed sequential transmission by Xtrac.

The Focus RS debuted in 1999's Monte Carlo Rally with Colin McRae and Simon Jean-Joseph, it set impressive stage times however McRae and Jean-Joseph were forfeited after both the cars were caught using an illegal water pump. Later that year, McRae won the Safari Rally with the Focus, finishing over 15 minutes ahead the second placed Didier Auriol in his Toyota Corolla WRC. It also won 33º TAP Rallye de Portugal in the same year.

The Focus RS would later won many rallies from 2000 to 2002, which were earned by McRae and Carlos Sainz.

The car made its first appearance in Colin McRae Rally 3, and has made a brief hiatus since Colin McRae Rally 2005. The car finally reappeared in the DiRT Rally Flying Finland Update, and appeared again in DiRT 4.

Colin McRae Rally 3[]

The Ford Focus RS WRC 02 is a 4WD car in Colin McRae Rally 3.

The game also included two other versions of the Focus, the Focus RS WRC 01 and the RS Focus "road car".

Colin McRae Rally '04[]

The Ford Focus Rally Car is a 4WD car in Colin McRae Rally '04.

Colin McRae Rally 2005[]

The Ford Focus is a 4WD car in Colin McRae Rally 2005.

DiRT Rally[]

The Ford Focus RS Rally 2001 is a 2000s Rally car in DiRT Rally, added to the game with the Flying Finland Update.


  • #63
  • Ford Motorsport (Pre-Season Testing)
  • Eibach
  • Speedline
  • Champion
  • Compomotive
  • #33
  • #178

DiRT 4[]

The Ford Focus RS Rally 2001 is a 4WD Up to 2000cc rally car in DiRT 4.


  • Ford Motorsport (Pre-Season Testing)
  • Simpson
  • Rally Team Latvija
  • Russo Rallye

DiRT Rally 2.0[]

“The Ford Focus RS 2001 dominated the international rally scene in 2001, after two difficult seasons previously. The inline four engine produced 300hp, this being coupled with the Focus’ highly advanced chassis and suspension tech.”
— In-game info, DiRT Rally 2.0

.The Ford Focus RS Rally 2001 is a 4WD Up to 2000cc rally car in DiRT Rally 2.0, appearing as the game's Season 3 DLC.


  • Valvoline
  • Ford Motorsport (Pre-Season Testing)



  • In DiRT Rally, McRae's co-pilot, Nicky Grist's name has been added to the Ford Motorsport livery with the v1.1 update.
  • The default paint scheme for Dirt Rally, Dirt 4 and Dirt Rally 2.0 is the same paint scheme that appeared on Colin McRae Rally 04 and Colin McRae Rally 2005, only the primary color is white, instead of blue.