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After Group B's abolition by FIA at the end of 1986, Ford found itself without a suitable Group A rally car like most other manufacturers. The Ford Sierra RS Cosworth was powerful but it was beaten by other 4WD competitors, the 4WD Sierra XR4x4 has the 4WD drivetrain but was held back by its outdated engine, churning out only 200 bhp as opposed to 300 bhp like other Group A cars. For the 1987 World Rally Championship Ford Motorsport used both XR4x4 and the Cosworth on loose surfaces and tarmac respectively, but the XR4x4's power disadvantage was too great.

The RWD Cosworth never won any loose-surface WRC races, but with drivers such as Stig Blomqvist, Carlos Sainz and Ari Vatanen it frequently finished in the top five. However, thanks to strong support from Ford Motorsport the Cosworth became popular with the private teams at national chamionship level. Colin McRae's father, Jimmy McRae, Didier Auriol, and Carlos Sainz Sr. took the British Rally Championship, the French Rally Championship, and the Spanish Rally Championship respectively, all with a Sierra in 1987 and 1988. Colin himself also drove a Sierra RS Cosworth in 1989's WRC.

Colin McRae Rally 2.0[]

The Ford Sierra Cosworth RS500 is a RWD-class Rally car in Colin McRae Rally 2.0.

Colin McRae Rally 2005[]

The Ford Sierra Cosworth is a RWD car in Colin McRae Rally 2005.

DiRT 3[]

“Driven by Colin McRae in the early stages of his career, the Ford Sierra RS Cosworth was more famous for its success in the world of Touring Cars. The Sierra held it's own in national rally events, with its powerful Cosworth engine capable of pushing it through any rally stage.”
— Car Viewer description

The Ford Sierra Cosworth RS500 is a 80's-class Rally car in DiRT 3. Tt is only available by activating the VIP Pass.


  • Ford Motorsport (Shell / Gemini)
  • Osiris Racing
  • Kenwood Racing
  • Recaro Racing
  • Nixon Competition

DiRT Rally[]

The Ford Sierra Cosworth RS500 is a 1980s Rally car featured in DiRT Rally.


  • #28
  • Ford Motorsport (Shell / Gemini)
  • Kumho Tyre
  • MOOG
  • Ferodo
  • Forge Motorsport
  • #13
  • #16

DiRT 4[]

The Ford Sierra Cosworth RS500 is an RWD H3 rally car in DiRT 4.


  • Ford Motorsport (Shell / Gemini)
  • #66
  • Yellowbrook Racing

DiRT Rally 2.0[]

“Based on its road-going equivalent, the Ford Sierra Cosworth RS500 was a motorsport icon of its era. The car was tricky to drive on the loose gravel stages due to its RWD configuration, and was unable to compete against its 4WD rivals. Once tarmac surfaces the car fared far better, winning the 1988 Corsica Rally outright.”
— In-game info, DiRT Rally 2.0

The Ford Sierra Cosworth RS500 is an RWD H3 rally car in DiRT Rally 2.0.



  • RS500 Sierra Cosworths are only available in right-hand drive off the production line, the left-hand drive conversions are done with the European Merkur XR4Ti dashboard.
  • The registration number "D996 UOO" actually belongs to a WRenault 5 GTL.
  • The Ford Motorsport livery in DiRT Rally was added to the game with the v1.1 update.
  • Despite it being called an 'RS500' model in-game, the Sierra used is a pre-evolution model of the RS500, which is evident with its badging on its boot/trunk lid, stating 'Sierra RS Cosworth', instead of 'Sierra RS500 Cosworth.' Moreover, the lack of additional aero present on an RS500 Cosworth further proves this point.

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