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Gymkhana is a game mode debuted in DiRT 3, and renamed as "Hoonigan" in DiRT Showdown. Instead of racing against other cars or the clock, points are awarded by judges for driving manouvres successfully pulled off. The courses are named as 'freestyle arenas' by the game's packaging.


DiRT 3[]

DiRT Showdown[]


DiRT 3[]

DC Compound[]

The DC Compound is a fictional area set in the abandoned Battersea Power Station in London. Unlike other courses, it is a freeroam course, and only playable through the DiRT Tour itself. There is also no time limit. It is divided into three unlockable sections; the Parking Lot, the Depot, and the Power Station.

L.A. Coliseum[]

Set in and around the Los Angeles Coliseum arena in the USA, this location features both gravel and tarmac Gymkhana courses.

  • Memorial Park
  • Coliseum Air
  • Olympic Field
  • Exposition Plaza


This location is perfectly placed in Monaco harbour, also home to the famous Grand Prix. This location has tarmac-only courses.

  • Boulevard Albert
  • Port Hercule
  • Palace Square
  • Harbour View

DiRT Showdown[]


The same as in DiRT 3.

  • Battersea Compound


The bussling dockyards of a Japanese city mean container yards, docksides and building sites.

  • Yokohama Docks
  • Okawa Sprint

San Francisco[]

Hooning in the shadow of the iconic WGolden Gate Bridge.

  • Golden Gate Slalom


Dust-based arena in the desolate Nevada desert.

  • Spring Creek Park

Los Angeles[]

Smashblock-hunting in the LA Coliseum.

  • Beachside Sprint
  • Pacific Parkway
  • Stadium Gauntlet


Spin Zones[]

Square areas usually marked out by four purple, knockdown-able posts. Drive up to them as if going into a drift, but pull the handbrake, turn and hold the steering in one direction, and keep your foot floored.

Smash Blocks[]

The simplest trick to pull off: just drive through the polystyrene blocks to get points.


Small ramps underneath the large, blue/black inflatables. Jump as far as you can to get the most points.

Drift Gates[]

Go as fast and as sideways as possible through the large, yellow/black inflatables to get the most points. It is possible to drift through two ways: trail-braking (turning into the corner whilst braking), and handbraking (turning and pulling the handbrake).


Spin around the green posts/obstacles as fast and as sideways as possible. Keep the pedal to the metal and steer in the direction you want to go.