Holbrook Growler
GameDiRT Showdown
PowerStock = 6/10
Fully upgraded = 8/10
StrengthStock = 5/10
Fully upgraded = 8/10
HandlingStock = 4/10
Fully upgraded = 5/10

The Holbrook Growler is a Demolition car in DiRT Showdown. Similar to the Jupiter Del Rio, the Holbrook growler boasts a higher strength and power in exchange for a lower potential for handling and speed.

Liveries Edit

  • OMP
  • Simpson
  • Skin Industries
  • Dalikfodda
  • Flip
  • Hans
  • Hooker Headers
  • No Fear
  • Hoonigan
  • Nos (Beta livery)

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Trivia Edit

  • The Growler resembles a 1970 Dodge Dart.
  • The Growler has a yellow beta livery seen only in trailers and promotional artwork.
  • The Simpson livery for the Growler resembles the paint scheme and lettering of an MFP patrol car from the 1979 film Mad Max.

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