Colin McRae Rally and DiRT Wiki

Location within DiRT Rally, with stages over two routes near Jämsä, Finland.

Surface for both routes is gravel, and roads are wide and bumpy.




Direction Long Sprint 1 Sprint 2
Forwards Kontinjärvi Kailajärvi Naarajärvi
Reverse Hämelahti Paskuri Jyrkysjärvi

Starts with the fast, curving, bumpy roads that makes up much of this locations stages. Opens into a very long, very fast, very bumpy, including a huge jump (the "Yellow House Jump") to reach the half way point. Then returns to winding forest roads, including a distinctive chicane over bumps through a stone-sided cutting at the three-quarter mark. Opens towards the finish.


Direction Long Sprint 1 Sprint 2
Forwards Kakaristo Iso Oksjärvi Kotajärvi
Reverse Pitkäjärvi Oksala Järvenkylä

Unrelentingly fast and bumpy through the forest, with many fast corners over crests and jumps, only changing scenery briefly at the halfway point, through the town that gives the stage its name. The town is marked by open fields filled with crowds, and two sharp corners, before the route returns to the forest for yet more fast corners over crests.


Stage Length Altitude Difference Title card Route
Kontinjärvi 15,050m -14m
Kontinjarvi cropped
Kontinjarvi route
Kailajärvi 7,510m +4m
Kailajarvi cropped
Kailajarvi route
Naarajärvi 7,430m -20m
Naarajarvi cropped
Naarajarvi route
Hämelahti 14,960m +15m
Hamelahti cropped
Hamelahti route
Jyrkysjärvi 7,340m +20m
Jyrkysjarvi cropped
Jyrkysjarvi route
Paskuri 7,550m -4m
Paskuri cropped
Paskuri route
Kakaristo 16,200m +19m
Kakaristo cropped
Kakaristo route
Iso Oksjärvi 8,040m +4m
Iso oksjarvi cropped
Iso oksjarvi route
Kotajärvi 8,100m +17m
Kotajarvi cropped
Kotajarvi route
Pitkäjärvi 16,200m -19m
Pitkajarvi cropped
Pitkajarvi route
Järvenkylä 8,100m -17m
Jarvenkyla cropped
Jarvenkyla route
Oksala 8,050m -4m
Oksala cropped
Oksala route


Both routes almost entirely cover the Ouninpohja stage (SS4+8 in 2015) .

In 2016 Pitkäjärvi and Hämelahti direction from Ouninpohja stage (SS13+17 in 2016) .

Also some of the route is visible on Street View, for example: the hairpin in Kakaristo; and the Yellow House and jump.

Real-life videos[]