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The Lafayette Eulogy (later Jackson Eulogy) is a classic hearse chassis extensively customised for derby racing, with heavy ramming bars, an external roof cage, and vertical exhaust stacks exiting through the hood.

DiRT Showdown[]

The Lafayette Eulogy is a Demolition car in DiRT Showdown.

A relatively strong vehicle, the Eulogy possesses a good potential for delivering heavy hits in an addition to a fair speed and handling. Its primary setback is its long body length, which can prove troublesome in the center of a demolition event.

The Eulogy unlocks upon winning the Knock Out challenge in San Francisco, in the Spy+ Pro tour. It costs $30,000 to buy.


  • Simpson
  • Skin Industries
  • Dalikfodda
  • Flip
  • Hans
  • Hooker Headers
  • No Fear
  • OMP
  • AMD Performance (PC version exclusive)
  • Racenet Winner (Unlocked by completing Racenet Challenge)

DIRT 5[]

The Jackson Eulogy is a Classic Rally hearse in DIRT 5.

It was added to the game as part of the Uproar Content Pack.[1]