Colin McRae Rally and DiRT Wiki

All locations featured in DiRT Showdown.


A race-oriented beach-front location featuring many surrounding small shops and apartments in addition to the many overhanging palms. The starting/finish line in this location almost always features two alternative routes and the terrain is an easy to grip stone-tile road making this an ideal circuit for beginners.

San Francisco[]

A Circuit overlooking the Golden Gate Bridge. San Francisco hosts a wide variety of Hoonigan and Demolition events offering a nice combination of both tarmac and dirt.


A Ship Yard hosted primarily for Hoonigan events, but can also double as a stadium for demolition events such as Knock-out. Notable features such as a distant city, cranes, and cargo crates can be found in this location.


A race-oriented winter-themed location featuring a snow-covered track that loosens traction and stability. This location contains many winter-themed attractions including a ski lift and a giant christmas tree.


A multi-purpose location set in the dusty wastelands of Nevada. Nevada plays host to many event types including: Smash Hunter, 8-Ball, and Knock Out; being an easy to manipulate environment where the stages pose more of an effect than the actual landscape itself. Many floating air balloons can be seen floating amongst the festival in adittion to the usual attractions.


A race-oriented location staged in a muddy logging facility littered with severed timber logs, overhanging wooden structures, and showcase monster trucks. It is always raining in this event and the muddy terrain proves difficult for vehicles with poor handling.

Los Angeles[]

An enclosed dirt-filled stadium reserved for Hoonigan and Demolition events. The layout and landscape of the staduim depends on the event.

Battersea (London)[]

A location similar to Yokohama, Battersea is a strictly Hoonigan-based location featuring many cargo crates, forklifts, and even a helicopter hovering overhead.


A race-oriented location centred in the streets of a bright and bustling city. Every event taking place in this location is always staged at night as the surrounding environment is lit up with thousands of city lights and many overhanging Japanese Lanterns.

Baja California[]

A Race-Oriented location noted for it's rough sandy terrain an constant reoccurrence of the Mexican flag. Set in the center of an amusement park, a Ferris wheel and roller coaster can be seen in the background along with an adjacent cruise ship, all of which light up at night