After acquiring the Mini RX project from Prodrive, the Mini RX Supercar was JRM Racing's result of development after their decision to launch a long-term commitment to the FIA World Rallycross Championship in 2015. Based on the Mini John Cooper Works WRC, it boasted a 1.6-litre BMW turbo engine which produced around 480bhp, lightweight bodywork and other performance enhancements in order to comply with the FIA's Supercar technical regulations[1][2].

Despite its obvious power deficit, JRM took advantage of weight rules for sub-1,800cc cars, allowing them to run the Minis at a lighter weight than their 2,000cc competitors. These rules were removed for the 2016 season, and in response the Mini RX received an upgraded 2,000cc engine from the fourth round at Lydden Hill[3][4].

DiRT Rally[edit | edit source]

The Mini Countryman Rallycross is a Rallycross Supercar featured in DiRT Rally, it was added to the game through the World RX Multiplayer update. Due to the 1.6-litre engine, it might get out-accelerated by other Supercars on long straightaways. Despite lower speed it possesses excellent handling which makes it tackling corners easier and it is the lightest Supercar in the game.

Liveries[edit | edit source]

  • JRM Racing #40 Dave Mirra
  • JRM Racing #39 Danny Way
  • JRM Racing #37 Guy Wilks

DiRT 4[edit | edit source]

The Mini Countryman Rallycross is a RX Supercar in DiRT 4.

Liveries[edit | edit source]

  • JRM World Rallycross Team #65 Guerlain Chicherit
  • #Minisuomi #12 Riku Tahko
  • JRM World Rallycross Team #37 Guy Wilks
  • JRM World Rallycross Team #40
  • Team Olsen-Schmidt

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