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The Peugeot 207 Cup Super 2000 is a 4WD car in Colin McRae DiRT, and an S2000-class Rally car in DiRT 3 (as 207 S2000).

Colin McRae DiRT[]

“The Peugeot 207 is a nifty little number. It's light, short, and fast, and it's new too so it's eager to impress. It does lack a turbo but it still produces nearly 300 horsepower, and can hold its own against the other cars in class.”
Travis Pastrana


  • Lucozade
  • Total
  • Peugeot

DiRT 3[]

“Kris Meeke won the Intercontinental Rally Challenge in 2009 with the Peugeot 207 Super 2000. Its robust engine and dynamic chassis make this a formidable choice for all rally stages.
Car Viewer description


  • Kris Meeke Peugeot UK
  • Castrol Racing
  • Dalikfodda Off Road
  • Flip Off Road
  • Puma Motorsport

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