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Based loosely on the 911, the Porsche 959 is an evolution of the brand's "Gruppe B" project for rally and circuit racing. The 959 utilised an advanced computer-controlled four wheel drive system which allowed the sequentially-turbocharged 2.8-litre flat-6 engine to deliver 450 bhp to the road.

In conjunction with Prodrive, Porsche set about developing the rear-engined supercar into a rally-raid machine fit for the infamous Paris-Dakar Rally. Three 911s modified to a basic 959 specification contested the 1984 event, and managed to win outright, even in a detuned prototypical state. The 959 made its Dakar debut proper in 1985, although all three cars would fall fowl of accidents and mechanical issues. The 959 Dakar's competitive career came to a close a year later in 1986, where René Metge and Jacky Ickx took first and second in that year's rally, the team's third car finishing sixth.[1][2]

DIRT 5[]

The Porsche 959 Prodrive Rally Raid is an 80's Rally car in DIRT 5.