A location within DiRT Rally, with stages over two routes in and around the Sweet Lamb offroad complex near Llangurig, Wales.

The surface for all stages is gravel.

Stages[edit | edit source]

Overview[edit | edit source]

Sweet Lamb[edit | edit source]

Direction Long Sprint 1 Sprint 2
Forwards Sweet Lamb Pant Mawr Bidno Moorland
Reverse Geufron Forest Pant Mawr Reverse Bidno Moorland Reverse

Starts twisting through the forest, before eventually the landscape opens, then climbing onto open moorland shortly after halfway. Final part characterised by a pair of water splashes at either end of short but very tight stadium-like section.

River Severn Valley[edit | edit source]

Direction Long Sprint 1 Sprint 2
Forwards River Severn Valley Fferm Wynt Dyffryn Afon
Reverse Bronfelen Fferm Wynt Reverse Dyffryn Afon Reverse

Starts flowing and open, before becoming twisting through the forest. Then passes a series log piles at the halfway mark, before climbing onto moorland, making a close pass of some wind turbines, then winding back into the forest.

Stage-by-stage[edit | edit source]

Stage Length Altitude Difference Title card Route
Sweet Lamb 9,900m -30m
Sweet lamb cropped.jpg
Sweet lamb route.jpg
Pant Mawr 4,700m +60m
Pant mawr cropped.jpg
Pant mawr route.jpg
Bidno Moorland 4,900m -85m
Bidno moorland cropped.jpg
Bidno moorland route.jpg
Geufron Forest 10,000m +30m
Geufron forest cropped.jpg
Geufron forest route.jpg
Bidno Moorland Reverse 5,100m +90m
Bidno moorland reverse cropped.jpg
Bidno moorland reverse route.jpg
Pant Mawr Reverse 4,800m -60m
Pant mawr reverse cropped.jpg
Pant mawr reverse route.jpg
River Severn Valley 11,400m -50m
River severn valley cropped.jpg
River severn valley route.jpg
Fferm Wynt 5,700m +15m
Fferm wynt cropped.jpg
Fferm wynt route.jpg
Dyffryn Afon 5,700m -65m
Dyffryn afon cropped.jpg
Dyffryn afon route.jpg
Bronfelen 11,400m +50m
Bronfelen cropped.jpg
Bronfelen route.jpg
Dyffryn Afon Reverse 5,700m +65m
Dyffryn afon reverse cropped.jpg
Dyffryn afon reverse route.jpg
Fferm Wynt Reverse 5,700m -15m
Fferm wynt reverse cropped.jpg
Fferm wynt reverse route.jpg

Maps[edit | edit source]

The routes use parts of the Sweet Lamb (SS2+6 in 2016) and Hafren (SS3+7 in 2016).

Real-life videos[edit | edit source]

Onboard[edit | edit source]

  • Petter Solberg onboard, Rally GB 2012 - end of the Sweet Lamb/Bidno Moorland stage.
  • Ott Tänak onboard, Rally GB 2017 - from around the start of the Geufron Forest/Bidno Moorland Reverse stage, through the stadium-like section, though modified from the layout that appears in DiRT, with a haybale chicane to slow cars on the approach, and a bridge over one of the water splashes.
  • Kris Meeke, Rally GB 2015, SS4 - all of Ffyrm Wynt and some of Dyffryn Afon, from 10:55 to 15:27 (turning left where Dyffryn Afon makes a "right 2, deceptive"). Also then covers part of Pant Mawr Reverse, from 16:29 to 18:35.

Incidents[edit | edit source]

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