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As an answer to Lancia's rallying success with Stratos, Renault asked Bertone’s Marc Deschamps to design a new sports version of the Renault 5 Alpine supermini, thus the Renault 5 Turbo was born. Unlike the standard car, the 5 Turbo featured a mid-mounted 1397 cc Cléon-Fonte turbocharged engine, capable of putting out 158 horsepower and 221 Nm torque, which was placed behind the driver in mid-body in a modified Renault 5 chassis.

The first 400 production 5 Turbos were made to comply with Group 4 homologation to allow the car to compete in international rallies, and were manufactured at the Alpine factory in Dieppe. Driven by Jean Ragnotti in 1981, the 5 Turbo won the Monte Carlo Rally on its debut in the World Rally Championship.

The Turbo was later developed into the "Maxi Turbo" evolution in 1984, with improved power and aerodynamics.[1]

DiRT 3[]

The Renault 5 Turbo is an 80's Rally car in DiRT 3.


  • Renault
  • Arai Off Road
  • Reddmango Racing
  • Repsol Racing Team
  • DC Shoes Race Works

DiRT Rally[]

The Renault 5 Turbo is a 1980s Rally car in DiRT Rally, added to the game as a part of v1.1 update.


  • Kicker
  • Öhlins
  • Barracuda
  • Speedline
  • #13
  • #101
  • #46

DiRT 4[]

The Renault 5 Turbo is an H3 (RWD) car in DiRT 4.


  • Eibach
  • Laurent Performance

DiRT Rally 2.0[]

“The Renault 5 Turbo, based on the Renault 5 Turbo 1 road-going car, won the Monte Carlo Rally in 1981 on its first outing in the World Rally Championship, being driven by Jean Ragnotti and co-driver Jean-Marc Andrié. Its short wheelbase makes for a superbly nimble car, with great traction on tarmac due to its RWD configuration.”
— In-game info, DiRT Rally 2.0

The Renault 5 Turbo is an H3 (RWD) car in DiRT Rally 2.0.