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Sodicars Racing's BV6 is a T1.2-class rally-raid car built by the Martillac, France-based outfit. Much like other cross-country rally cars, the BV6 utilises a tubular spaceframe construction, incorporating a four wheel drive system with a 6-speed sequential Sadev transmission; the engine is a BMW 3.0-litre twin-turbocharged inline-6 diesel. The bodywork is based on that of a BMW, but the chassis can also be fitted with a Mitsubishi design.

The BV6 was notably campaigned by Isidre Esteve of the Repsol Rally Team, who debuted the car in 2017. Modified with hand controls to account for his spinal injury, Esteve took the BV6 to 21st overall/4th in class in the 2018 Dakar. He returned in 2019, taking 21st overall again (finishing 6th in class). Esteve attempted the 2020 running of the event in Saudi Arabia, but an issue with one of the BV6's turbochargers in Stage 7 resulted in a retirement from the rally.[1][2][3][4]

DIRT 5[]

The Sodicars Racing BV6 is a Cross Raid car in DIRT 5.

An exclusive livery for the car was added to the game as part of the Power Your Memes pack, for Xbox and Windows Store users.[5]