Colin McRae Rally and DiRT Wiki


DIRT 5 can have up to 4 players in splitscreen.

This works for other Games, you might have to press a different button.

It will still work for PS4.


3-player Splitscreen


Step 1[]

Go into DIRT 5.

Step 2[]

Turn all other controllers on.

Step 3[]

Assign each controller to a user.

Step 4[]

Have each joining player press the Touchpad at different times

Are you sure I have to press it at different times?[]

If you press it at the same time, only 1 player will join.

I’m stuck at the “A player is joining” screen![]

It could take a while, wait a minute and then restart the game.

Step 5[]

Set up the race and have everyone choose cars.

Step 6[]

Game on!


You do not need to complete the tutorial.

You do not need an account.

If 1 player owns a car, eyeryone can use it.