Colin McRae Rally and DiRT Wiki

DiRT Rally 2.0[]

“The SUBARU Impreza is one of the most recognisable cars in rallying, and during its tenure in top flight rally it excelled in all conditions and was highly successful. Driven by both Colin and Alister McRae in 1998, the SUBARU Impreza took three rally wins on the international stage.”
— In-game info, DiRT Rally 2.0

The SUBARU Impreza S4 Rally is a Up to 2000cc rally car in DiRT Rally 2.0, featured as a part of Colin McRae: FLAT OUT Pack.

DIRT 5[]

The Subaru Impreza S4 Rally is a 90's Rally car in DIRT 5.

The car's official livery was added to the game in update 4.00.[1]

It is bought for $80,000 Dirt Dollars.