Design[edit source]

Hello everyone. First time on this wiki for me, I just finished some more of CMR04, and I wondered well, is there a wiki about it? And without surprise there is. But, if I may be honest, I find that the mainpage is... not very good. I mean, it's very empty, and hardly leads to any of the most important pages (for instance, the games seperatly could really use consitent pictures, rather than a slideshow of slow images that takes too long.).

It's my personal opinion, please don't take it too hard. I am candidate to redesign the mainpage of this wiki to a new standard that would allow users to receive more information with more ease, without overdoing it. If you're interested in seeing the wiki's I raised, please visit my userpage where you can find the links. If you don't want to do that, you can check here and here. Let me know what the local admins/founder think of it. Should you agree, I must tell you that I need at least sysop/moderator rights to access common.css on the Dirt Wiki (bureaucrat is not important). — Jorre22225 (talk) 09:50, December 23, 2015 (UTC)

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