The Toyota Tacoma is a Hillclimb Unlimited car in Colin McRae DiRT, and a Classic Trailblazer car in DiRT 3.

DiRT Edit

Icon ToyotaTacoma
Toyota tacoma
DisciplineHillclimb Unlimited
Power960 bhp/tonne
Torque1,500 Nm
Wheelbase2,711 mm

“Rod Millen follows the Celica with the Toyota Tacoma. It's got better weight distribution and drag coefficient, making it a mechanic's choice.”
Travis Pastrana, Colin McRae DiRT

Liveries Edit

  • Pennzoil
  • Arai
  • Toyota

DiRT 3 Edit

Icon ToyotaTacoma
GameDiRT 3
DisciplineClassic Trailblazer
Power800 bhp
Weight885 kg

“The Toyota Tacoma Pikes Peak held the course record for thirteen years until 2007. Rod Millen achieved the record in the specially designed, carbon fibre-chassised prototype, loosely based on the Toyota Tacoma pickup truck.”
Car Viewer description, DiRT 3

Liveries Edit

  • Millenworks Racing
  • Slime Motorsport
  • Dalikfodda Off Road
  • Flip Off Road
  • Scott Off Road