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Travis Pastrana is an American/Puerto Rican motorsports competitor. He appeared in Colin McRae DiRT (as a background menu voice and competitor) and Colin McRae DiRT 2 (as a competitor).


Pastrana has been competing in various extreme sports for most of his life; in fact, when he was only 14 he was involved in a serious freestyle motorcross accident of which, at the time, only three others in the USA had survived. As well as competing in freestyle motorcross, he has won gold at the X Games on no less then ten occasions in everything from freestyle motorcross to Rallying and RallyCross, and has fought with Tanner Foust  in the Global RallyCross Championship. He is also brains behind action sports troupe Nitro Circus.

Quotes in Colin McRae: DiRT 2[]

  • "There are some new events available, buddy!"- When the player unlocks new events.
  • "Hey {call name}, nice one, 2nd place." - When the player finished 2nd.
  • "Hey {call name}, you have us all, man!" - When the player won the race.
  • "Hey {call name}, look at all those events, you're making a name for yourself,"

Vehicles used[]

Colin McRae DiRT[]

Colin McRae DiRT 2[]