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A location within DiRT Rally, with stages over two routes near Lysvik, Värmland, Sweden.

The surface for all stages is snow over gravel roads.




Direction Long Sprint 1 Sprint 2
Forwards Ransbysäter Älgsjön Sprint Stor-jangen Sprint
Reverse Norraskoga Skogsrallyt Stor-jangen Sprint Reverse

Twisting roads through the forest, with few obvious landmarks, only the jump at the three-quarter mark being a clear point of note. Relentless tight corners between ever-present snowbanks that line virtually the entire course, with just enough time to pick up a dangerous amount of speed between each.


Direction Long Sprint 1 Sprint 2
Forwards Hamra Elgsjön Östra Hinnsjön
Reverse Lysvik Älgsjön Björklangen

Quickly among houses, through a hairpin before a fast section down to a sharp right turn. The road then becomes narrower and more bumpy. Second half is a mix of fast and slow, always between snowbanks, and again a jump at the three-quarter point.


Stage Length Altitude Difference Title card Route
Ransbysäter 11,900m -86m
Ransbysater cropped
Ransbysater route
Älgsjön Sprint 5,240m -151m
Algsjon sprint cropped
Algsjon sprint route
Stor-jangen Sprint 6,600m +65m
Stor jangen sprint cropped
Stor jangen sprint route
Norraskoga 11,500m +86m
Norraskoga cropped
Norraskoga route
Stor-jangen Sprint Reverse 6,600m -65m
Stor jangen sprint reverse cropped
Stor jangen sprint reverse route
Skogsrallyt 4,800m +151m
Skogsrallyt cropped
Skogsrallyt route
Hamra 12,100m +24m
Hamra cropped
Hamra route
Elgsjön 7,000m -83m
Elgsjon cropped
Elgsjon route
Östra Hinnsjön 4,900m +101m
Ostra hinnsjon cropped
Ostra hinnsjon route
Lysvik 12,100m -24m
Lysvik cropped
Lysvik route
Björklangen 4,900m -96m
Bjorklangen cropped
Bjorklangen route
Älgsjön 7,000m +83m
Algsjon cropped
Algsjon route


Broadly cover the Vargåsen stage (SS12+16 in 2016).

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